Wealth Management solutions: is at the core of our solutions architecture. We do help clients achieve their goals with minimal disruption, via financial and estate planning, advisory & discretionary investment mandates. We are keen on the latest investment trends, including ESG topics.


We strive to offer our clients services tailored to their individual needs.

“Clients services tailored for your individual needs”


Advisory Mandates
Our investment advisory service is designed for those who want to manage their own money

but would like support from a professional investment adviser. Your portfolio manager will

recommend an investment portfolio to suit your needs and can provide ongoing advice on all

your investment decisions.

Discretionary Mandates
Our discretionary investment management is a form of investment management in which buy

and sell decisions are made by our portfolio manager. The term “discretionary” refers to the fact

that investment decisions are made at the portfolio manager’s discretion, based on your risk

profiling questionnaire.



Advisory Mandates
Environmental Social and Governance (ESG): It is basically an integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors investing in processes in a wide spectrum of issues. Usually not part of financial environments might include corporations involved in the climate change, water management, health and safety policies to protect against accidents, how they manage their supply chains. They also look after workers treatment, corporate culture and innovation.


As a custodian, at Goldberg our main responsibilities will be:
– To safeguard an investor’s financial assets
– To ensure that an investor’s ownership of the assets is clearly established
– To provide an investor with quick and immediate access to his or her assets

integrity. stability. passion.


Our Approach

We do provide our clients with an exceptional set of services to encompass all aspects of their wealth and family needs for the present and future generations, by giving them access to an exclusive rolodex of banks, investment funds, private equity funds, brokers, traders, trustee, lawyers, taxation specialists. We are keen on the NexGen clients and support wealthy families with intergenerational wealth matters.

We strive to offer our clients services tailored to their individual needs.


Goldberg can provide guidance and support with setting up a trust, looking for the best jurisdiction for a family, seeking tax and inheritance optimization strategies.

Financial reporting & consolidation

At Goldberg we can help you and your family with reporting & consolidation services to facilitate decision-making at all levels, ensuring that portfolios meet the family’s goals and objectives. As your assets grow and as cross-generational family needs become more complex, the need of consolidation services becomes more important.

Tax & Estate Planning

When making investments, at Goldberg we consider your situation as a whole, covering areas such as: the structure of your investments; your retirement plans; and whether your lifestyle and the needs of your family should be protected by insurance. Our focus is on growing your wealth and preserving it for future generations.

Business support Next Gen

Family Governance and Succession are key to everything we do at Goldberg.Family Governance and Succession go way beyond the traditional estate and tax planning. It is the process through which families articulate their Purpose, their Vision and their Values. It is the creation of a framework, with communication at its core, which enables consistent, good decision making on issues from Family Business to Family.


We provides an open-minded perspective on the potential benefits of philanthropy, not only as an investment into society, but as a long- term investment into a healthy, sustainable business that both family and employees feel a meaningful connection to.


A boutique approach for your wealth

Offshore banking solutions: we do help our clients find the right bank, thanks to our vast network of custodians in Switzerland and Europe. Via our partner company Helvetia Investment Advisors, we can provide banking support to US nationals.

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